About Christopher Howell

London magician on the loose...

Christopher HowellChristopher first caught the “magic bug” when he saw a certain magician named David Copperfield performing at a local summer fair in Michigan. That Christmas a child’s magician set was waiting for him under the tree and the rest, as they say, is history. He received his first professional booking at the age of thirteen and he performed shows in Michigan dinner theatres throughout high school as he gained experience.

At seventeen, his family moved to London, England and he went with them and studied theatre arts and studio arts at university. After that his performing arts journey shifted towards singing and he trained as a classical singer for five years in London and Bologna, Italy.

Deciding to focus on magic instead, Christopher now performs full-time as a London magician for corporate and private events whose work also takes him further afield and internationally. Theatre and music still both play a central role in a lot of his work, as he has created several stage acts that incorporate his baritone singing voice.

He gained membership to The Magic Circle in 2002. In 2004 he launched Project Illusions, using magic to teach personal development. In 2006 he co-created the stage magician act Amazing Norvil & Josephine with dancer and acrobat Desireé Kongerød. This act won the Alistair Wand Award in 2009 from the International Brotherhood of Magicians (British Ring). In 2009 Christopher's Magical Island, a magical theatre show for children, debuted in London at Stratford Circus Theatre.

Christopher speaks Italian and German (and the Spanish is coming along too!). When he’s not working you’ll probably find him compensating for British weather abroad with family and friends.