Corporate Trade Show Magician

Why use Christopher as your corporate magician instead of only giveaways like pens and mugs?

Relationships are the bedrock of any business. Christopher's professional corporate magic performances for trade shows are not only relevant to your business message; but they also break the ice, generate a buzz around your stand and are powerful as they offer an experience at your stand to set it apart from the wash of information visitors are overwhelmed with that day.

His presentation style helps delegates to relax, talk, and most importantly... potential clients will leave your stand with a personal relationship with Christopher as your magician; he will have communicated your corporate message as well as introduced your team to your potential clients. Your team then can go in depth to understand the needs of delegates to see how you can serve them. Definitely not the 'product in the bag' approach. This is intelligent corporate marketing at its best.

Contact Christopher direct today so you can chat with him about your upcoming show. Once he has an understanding of your needs, he will explain to you his unique approach and offer a consultation for a bespoke presentation that will make a splash at the show and help you achieve your objectives.

Visit the CV to see the extent of Christopher's experience as a corporate magician.




"Christopher worked with us at the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) Conference and Exhibition 2009. We decided to use Christopher as we felt that his style of magic was personal and engaging; he has a natural charisma and charm. We were drawn to him as he intuitively understood why we wanted to use him. He was quickly able to link in key product messages and the benefits of CNA Europe into his magic, which he delivered with grace and a high degree of fun. He never tried too hard to force the messages but delivered them in a way that made the clients laugh and enjoy it! He worked very hard and his magic wowed the audience; I am still not sure how he does the tricks, they were baffling and brilliant. I hope that we get the chance to work together again.”

- Jane Bray, Marketing Manager, CNA Europe


"We thought the magic Christopher did for us at the show in Earl's Court was brilliant and certainly drew people onto our stand. Working together to communicate Nomensa's core messaging and services with his magic was seamless and people certainly commented on that aspect. I would definitely recommend him".

- C. Risk, Sales and Marketing Manager, Nomensa

trade show magician performing

trade show magician entertaining


"We are all missing you and your magic already! You were superb at the show and you put a smile on many people's faces. I certainly think you were a show stopper, the reason being that people actually enjoyed themselves whilst watching the performance, relaxed and were more condusive to a sales spiel afterwards and furthermore, your calm way about you undoubtedly created a relaxed feeling. They even seemed happy for us to contact them after the show and I would say you are certainly an "ice breaker". Would I recommend you? Most definitely and so would many people at the show. It's not just the magic, but also your professionalism, the way you worked with us to come up with a solution to attract people (without being intimidating) and introduce them to our company - this was not just a gimmick, it was a marketing strategy. I could not recommend you highly enough, you were a real asset to our brand and the shine in what could otherwise have been a very dull, ordinary show. "

- Nina Sklar, Marketing Director, WCN, Plc.