Private Events Party Magician

Looking for something special for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion where you'd like to have something to make the party and event more memorable? A professional magic performance by Christopher Howell is the perfect way to get people interacting and enjoying themselves. You'll also be offering your friends and family an experience they'll be talking about for years to come.

Christopher performs full time for events like this and his performance style is relaxed and friendly as he mixes around the party performing as magician for small groups. The two most popular ways to have Christopher as your magician at an upcoming private event are:

Close-up magic / table magic

Small-scale magic using small objects as Christopher mixes through the party while people have drinks or sit at tables.

Cabaret magic show

An unforgettable show that everyone watches together

close up magician ring magic

Close up magician Christopher Howell performing

Contact Christopher direct as he's always keen to hear what you're planning for your party or special occasion. Then he'll make a few suggestions for you; ideas of how to incorporate his magic and add something special to your event.